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Wolf in Motion is a design agency and consultancy

We partner with universities, NGOs and private organisations to create the products, services and experiences of tomorrow

How we work

We work through commission, partnership or as design consultants. We cover everything from user research, ideation, wireframes or sketches to building fully working prototypes and handling the production. To us, design is the keystone to any meaningful innovation. Today, our practice focuses on six areas:

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We work with universities, NGOs and public bodies. Together, we develop innovative solutions for social engagement, local skill building and wildlife protection.

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We are regularly tasked with generating ideas to help organisations define their vision for future products and services. This is an exciting but secret part of our work.

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Whether for an app or a virtual reality installation, we dedicate time to crafting elegant interactions and are ranked amongst the best design studios for User Experience.

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This is where it all started and where we always come back with joy. We create award-winning interactive experiences for brands and museums with original art directions.

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We engage in self-funded prospective projects in parallel to our commercial work. This usually gives us good ideas like pioneering the use of AR, VR and MR for design.

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We believe that practice goes hand in hand with critical thinking. We teach in universities, we write and we set up research projects to push our vision for positive change.

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