Miroshot Live

Immersive live show

In 2017, we collaborated with Allegorithmic (now Adobe) and started experimenting with musician Roman Rappak (formely Breton) to create the first shared immersive experience combining live music, virtual and mixed realities, scents and haptics.

Premiered in different locations around Europe, this unique experience accommodates 20 people at a time and we drive it using Komanda, our conductor stick for real-time experiences.

Upon being seated with a headset on, the audience is taken on a journey through various worlds as the band, whose presence is amplified through reactive sound and visualisation, performs in front of them.

Miroshot Live is made of 16 different scenes for which we created 3D assets, environments, animations and visual effects that can run seamlessly on mobile phone VR.

CBK, Amsterdam, May 2017
BAFTA, London, July 2017
GAITE LYRIQUE, Paris, October 2017

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Wolf in Motion, 2017