Wolf in Motion is an innovation lab and AR+VR production studio based in London


We work with brands to create immersive experiences and help companies drive innovation with augmented and virtual reality


We design simulations and visualisations to explain concepts, enable experimentation and train people in new skills

Collaboration with art collective MiroShot to bring CONTENT VR, a full sensory experience, to life


Live VR + Live Music + Scents and haptics


CONTENT VR premiered in May 2017 at the BAFTA in London and at the CBK in Amsterdam


Collaboration with design & creative agency Purple Creative to build Virtual Infinity, a fully interactive VR experience for Glenfiddich


Glenfiddich Virtual Infinity is on tour, current stop Singapore Changi Airport


The world's first VR photography simulator, Magic Hour is a digital playground where anyone can experiment with and learn how to use an SLR camera


Magic Hour is available for free on Steam VR. Exciting new features coming soon!


Careers, business opportunities and personal development rely increasingly on one's ability to speak in public


We help organisations train their employees with our fully customisable solution


You can try Speech Trainer for free on Steam VR



Combining design thinking with techniques from the film and 3D games industries, we create innovative experiences that transport people to different worlds where they can discover stories, play with cutting-edge forms of interaction and master new skills


We like to push the boundaries of the technology and come up with exciting new ideas and concepts

User Journey

Our user-centred design approach involves thoroughly mapping each step of the user journey to ensure they all fit into the larger picture

Research & Prototyping

 We have a flair for rapidly putting together prototypes that allow for early testing of the different aspects of the user experience

Art Direction

Whether expanding on existing art or creating everything from scratch, we have a sharp eye for what works in VR and AR

3D Modelling & Animation

We do all our modelling and animation in house, allowing fine control of the final look & feel

UX/UI Design & Coding

We are experts in building robust experiences with intuitive and elegant interfaces that leverage the immersive power of AR/VR


Guillaume Couche is an Art Director and Designer with 10 years of experience across a wide range of industries. A Royal College of Art graduate, he has previously led the design and development of Gravity Sketch (VR 3D creation tool) that he co-founded in 2014. His work has been featured in magazines such as Dezeen, WIRED and FastCo.

Charlie Fuller is a Software Engineer who has worked with global brands including Nike and Nespresso, prototyping new interaction and animation models, and developing creative new ways to interact with physical products. He has run the mobile development studio Rotorware since 2010 and launched Jampipe, a collaborative music making app for iPhone.


If you'd like us to make something for you

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Wolf In Motion Ltd

Unit 10 - Stamford Works

Gillett Street

London N16 8JH